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Nepal Government introduces COVID-19 Tracing Application, COVIDNP

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Coronavirus, a word that has terrified everyone, has made us feel if we are in a world war with this virus. The whole world is fighting against COVID-19. There seems no stopping for this viral virus as it has already spread over 180 countries. There are no vaccines developed yet and thousands of people all around the world are losing their precious life. Looking at the numbers, here in Nepal, so far we have (as of writing this) 30,723 PCR Test and 69560 RD Test is conducted. We have 30,366 negative cases, 413 are under isolation, 20,090 are quarantine, 36 have successfully recovered and sadly 2 have lost their lives. These numbers are increasing rapidly. To monitor the COVID-19 cases efficiently, the Nepal Government has introduced the tracing app, COVIDNP.

COVID NP: COVID-19 Tracing App for Nepal

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Back on April 9, Honorable Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli announced a COVID-19 tracing application that will monitor the cases actively in Nepal. Within a month of the announcement by PM, the iMark Pvt. Ltd. under the COVID-19 Crisis Management Center (CCMC) has developed this app and now it’s officially available for citizens to use.

The COVIDNP app is currently available on Google Play Store and will be available within a couple of days on iOS. It is full of features and shows the details of the PCR Test, RD Test, COVID-Cases Negative, COVID-Cases Positive, Recovered, Isolation, Quarantine, and Deaths numbers. Not only that, but it also has features such as:

ministry of health and population application coronavirus

Public Announcement

  • This section includes all the latest news and post regarding Coronavirus. Videos, Galleries, Guidelines, and Useful links are here. Plus PM KP Oli’s Special Interaction with Media on COVID-19 is also available.

Doctor’s counseling

  • The Doctor’s counseling must be used only for COVID related health issues and emergencies. Anyone with such a case can enter their details alongside the selection of symptoms and medical issues.

COVID-19 Learning

  • Under the COVID-19 learning section, Health Care Professionals can request educational materials. Others have access to Coronavirus Awareness that includes Quarantine Rules, Surgical Mask Tips- WHO, Prevention of COVID spread, Daily Report, Preventive measures, and more. There are also details of SAARC countries’ COVID-19 cases and status.

COVID-19 Certification

  • One can get the official COVID-19 awareness certification via this portal. There are 20 multiple choice questions regarding one’s awareness and knowledge of the COVID-19 virus. To prepare for the MCQ click here for documents, information, and videos.
    NOTE: This learning platform is not for general public use. This is intended for use by first responders, health care professionals involved in the care of COVID-19 pandemic.

Suspect Reporting

  • Due to fear people do not go for the test of COVID-19 although they have symptoms. If you have seen such case you can do Suspect Reporting and stop the spread of the virus. This will be a great help for the Government to monitor. All you do is fill up a form here.

Abroad Support

  • If you are living in a foreign country and facing problems you can fill up a form here. As soon as possible the officials will help you. Some may want to return to their home country safely. If you have COVID-19 you can also specify that.

How to use and self-test with the COVIDNP app?

To use the application follow the instruction given below:

covid np nepal government application coronavirus tracing app

nepal government covid-19 tracing covid np lockdown quarantine

  • When you open the application you will be asked question-related to COVID-19 self-test. Answer those question and your result will be displayed.
  • After the COVID-19 self-test, you can explore the application furthermore.

The launch of COVIDNP is indeed a great initiative from the Nepal Government. This will help to monitor the COVID-19 cases in Nepal efficiently. By using this app together we can take this step to greater heights. We as a humble citizen of the country should use this app and help the official to stop the spread of the virus. The more people engaged in this activity, the more control we will have over the virus.

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