The outbreak of the COVID-19 is no less than a disaster. It has affected the whole world. To be safe from this, the most advised measure by WHO is Social Distancing. This has a tremendous effect on the tech giants like Google and Facebook. They had to shut down their companies in different countries. The health and safety of the employee must be taken seriously and they are doing so. Since there’s no sign of slowing down for COVID-19, both Google and Facebook have announced that their Employees will be working from home until the end of this year.

Google and Facebook Remotely Working Regulation

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that most of the company’s employees will be allowed to continue to work from home till the end of 2020. The offices will open in July. Only the essential worker will be allowed to visit the office will full precaution.  There will not be more than 50 employees at a time. Facebook has taken special care for its employees. They have supported the Employees with $1000 bonus plus other child care needs as well.

facebook ceo mark zuckerburg

According to The Information, Google, and Alphabet CEO, Sundar Pichai has extended the remotely working policy till the end of 2020. Previously it was set till June 1 only. But looking at the current scenario and the devastation caused by COVID-19 it is best for everyone to work remotely. Furthermore, he added to those workers who need to work on-site, the offices will be reopening June or July. However with special precaution and safety measures in hand.

google and alphabet ceo sundar pichai

COVID-19 is a nightmare for everyone. The steps taken by such tech-giants for the safety of the employees is appreciable. Looking at the numbers Facebook currently has more than 48,000 full-time employees, while Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has more than 120,000. Facebook was the first tech giant to take such initiative. Google has completely canceled with the I/O event. Facebook also has canceled its physical events through June 2021. We do not know for how long this pandemic will last. We hope this ends soon. Until then we have to adapt to this new normal.

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