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LG reportedly working on a bizarre rotating dual-screen phone, code-named “Wing”

LG Wing Dual screen

2019 was the year of foldable phones. Many OEMs developed and delivered their take in foldable phones and many are still under development. LG also wanting a piece in the market, jumped on the bandwagon, and launched a dual-screen phone. But LG’s take on the foldable phone was different than any other manufacturers. LG opted for a dual-screen attachment instead of the foldable display— Samsung Galaxy Fold or Huawei Mate X. LG continued the optional dual-screen attachment first seen on LG V50 which was later offered in G8X  and V60 ThinQ as well. Now, it seems LG is ditching the dual-screen attachment in favor of a new radical design.

Source: HeraldCorp

According to a new report by a Korean publication, LG is ditching the dual-screen attachment and is working on a new phone with a totally different design, we have ever seen. The phone which is code-named LG Wing is expected to hit the market in the second half of this year. Even though it is a dual-screen phone, the design of the phone is way different. Unlike existing foldable phones, LG Wing may have a second screen behind the main screen which pivots, simply said, rotates. The main screen of the phone is a 6.8-inch display that pivots to a horizontal position revealing a smaller 4-inch secondary display.

Inspired from Tony Stark, maybe!

LG VX9400

If we look at the image, LG Wing reminds of the phone used by Tony Stark in the first Iron Man movie. And a hardcore fan of the Iron Man movie would know, the phone used in the movie was also an LG phone. LG VX9400 which was used in the movie had a similar design to that of LG Wing. Co-incidence? We don’t think so. Awesome? Of course!

LG VX9400 had an awesome design and LG Wing would look even better. Who wouldn’t want to have a phone similar in design to Tony Stark’s phone? The only thing that would be missing from the LG Wing would be Jarvis. We have to make do with Google Assistant for now.

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