Facebook is reportedly working on a new user verification system that would use facial-recognition to verify the identity of users. Users will have to upload their selfies in order to get verified and only then they can use the app.

Facebook will ask users to place their phones at the eye level which will activate a circular frame where users will have to fit their place and snap selfies as directed by the app. The app will basically ask to snap a selfie from the straight front side, face turned at the right side and then turned at left side.


Jane Machen Wong, a technology blogger and app researcher who uses the feature, tests the feature and unlocks it also tweeted about this new Facebook feature after using it on November 5. She followed her tweet by retweeting that the video selfie taken by the app will not be seen by anybody else and will be deleted automatically after 30 dates when the user will get identity confirmation.

Why face recognition?

Facebook is trying to use this feature because it is the most common way and most effective of forming an identity of a person. The first and foremost benefit of face recognition is that it will help Facebook to confirm that the user is a real person not an AI program or bot. 

facebook face recognition system

Facebook has also used face recognition before where it would automatically scan persons’ faces after uploading photos and suggesting tag automatically. This feature Facebook added was heavily criticized globally and was the subject of a class-action lawsuit in 2015. Facebook appealed the decision and stated that the feature did no harm to its users. Facebook’s appeal was rebutted and the case is set to move forward.

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