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Samsung fans start petition, asking to stop selling inferior Exynos phones

galaxy s20 plus gaming

Samsung is one of the biggest electronics manufacturers in the whole world. Samsung not only manufacture smartphones, laptops, TVs, and washing machines, it also has plants to manufacture many of the components used in those electronics. Screen for laptops/smartphones, RAMs, and processors are some of the examples of components that Samsung manufactures. Exynos Processor is the in-house processor developed and manufactured by Samsung. This processor is used in many of the smartphones designed by the company and from the looks of it, Samsung fans are not happy.

According to a new report, fans have started a petition on asking the company to stop using Exynos processor in its flagship phones. Previously, only select few countries including the U.S. got Samsung phones with Snapdragon Processor in it while rest had to make do with Exynos powered phones. Starting this year, except Europe all the markets got phones powered by Snapdragon.

galaxy s20 plus gaming

Petition states, “Outside of the US, Samsung sells phones that use their own-branded Exynos SoC chips, instead of using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon. Samsung also use their own-brand camera sensors, whereas in the US, they use parts from specialists Sony. Based on experience, and studies from numerous sources online, we believe Samsung’s parts to be inferior to their US counterparts.

Phones with Exynos SoC chips are shown to perform slower, have less battery life, use inferior camera sensors and processing, overheat and throttle faster, amongst other issues.”

Following that petition adds, “ At the very least, we would appreciate if Samsung were transparent about their inconsistencies. Alternatively, for Samsung to ensure we weren’t paying the exact same price or even higher than our US friends.

We have had to accept this over many years over different iterations of the flagship phones. Every year we have hoped for Samsung to either give us the same device, or make their own parts perform on par with the competition. They have failed to deliver on these requests over and over again and the performance gap only seems to widen over time. In the age of transparency, it is time for a change and for us consumers to have the right to choose what we spend our hard earned money on.

Samsung, please hear us! We love your devices and want to be treated fairly, so that we can continue to enjoy them”.

At the time of writing the petition had reached 11,500 signatures. The petition is seeking 15,000 signatures but to make Samsung consider, they would need much more than that.

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