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Hi-tech self-disinfecting mask that unlocks your phone with Face ID in works

Hunami Amazfit Aeri Mask

The novel coronavirus has terrified every one of us. It’s been more than six months and there’s no slowing down for this virus. With 320,866 deaths globally (as of writing this) everyone around the world is fighting against this pandemic. We are battling with everything possible: face mask, hand sanitizers, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), quarantining, and social distancing.

One of the most essential and widely used method of protection is face mask. According to the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), the N95 mask blocks 95% of all particles. But the sanitization of these N95 masks is important as you can wear one for a maximum time of eight hours. Speaking of the face mask, Huami is developing a hi-tech self-disinfecting mask compatible with Face ID.

Huami Amazfit Aeri Mask: Self-disinfecting Face ID-compatible Mask

Hunami Amazfit Aeri Mask Self-disinfecting and Face ID Compatible Mask
Aeri concept art showing built-in ultraviolet lights that disinfect it.

Big tech companies are contributing to COVID-19. Apple and Google have partnered to develop the COVID-19 tracing app, David Atienza and his team developed an AI-enabled app, COUGHVID that screens coronavirus from your coughing, Alibaba developed an AI-powered diagnosis system to detect Coronavirus. More such tech is under development. Following this development, Huami, the Chinese tech company —best known for its Amazfit wearable— is currently working on a transparent N95-like face mask.

Huami face mask will be able to self-disinfect and support Face ID recognition. These masks will be made with a transparent anti-fog material so that enough of your facial features are visible to unlock your phone. The modular design will allow housing different accessories like an eye shield or a fan. This should help in exercising with a face mask on less suffocating.

The mask will have removable air filters plus built-in ultraviolet light emitters. To disinfect the mask all you have to do is plug the mask into USB-C plug for few minutes. Huami official states, the masks will be effective for one and a half months.

Hunami Amazfit Aeri Mask coronavirus lockdown
Transparent Prototype with Air Filters

The overall project is expected to take six months to a year for completion and then will be available for the general public. As of now, Huami is developing the prototypes. We are not informed about the pricing for Aeri Mask. However, looking at the history of the company and comparing the track-record of affordable tech, the Huami Amazfit Aeri Mask should come for a reasonable price.

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