Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha

UPDATE: Xiaomi, as of yesterday (Sept 24th), officially unveiled the like-never-seen-before concept smartphone; Mi Mix Alpha.

Xiaomi and Samsung have already confirmed that they are working together to introduce a revolutionary 108MP camera sensor to the smartphone market. Now it looks like the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha will be coming with this 108Mp camera integrated in it.

Xiaomi posted a picture on Weibo, showing the digital zoom capabilities of an upcoming flagship smartphone from them. Their post also specifically mentioned the “100MP era” as well as the 12,032 x 9,024 resolution which latter roughly equates to a 108MP sensor camera.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha

We are hoping to see a 108MP camera on the Mi Mix Alpha or on other upcoming smartphone from Samsung or Xiaomi. We will have to wait until September 24 to know more about this flagship smartphone. If this 108MP camera is somehow featured on Mi Mix Alpha than it won’t be the only revolutionary feature. Mi Mix Alpha will also feature a Waterfall screen and a radical display which looks as if it wraps around the sides of the smartphone.

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