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E-Pustakalaya Nepal, Free Digital Library with additional audio and video files

OLE E-Pustakalaya Nepal

The COVID-19 lockdown has just been extended. This pandemic lockdown has kept all of us inside our home. For some keen learners, this is the perfect time. The learning platforms are giving away their premium courses all for free. One can make the best utilization of this lockdown learning new skills or reading books. Talking about the readers, we have a bit of good news for them. Nepal’s very own online reading platform, E-Pustakalaya is here. If you are an avid reader you probably do not want to miss this opportunity. Not only books, E-Pustakalaya has a collection of audio & video files as well.

OLE Nepal’s E-Pustakalaya

e pustakalaya video library

E-Pustakalaya is an education-focused digital library with the collection of books, images, video & audio files. This digital library aims to provide an open access to the reading material for everyone. Using E-Pustakalaya users can hold onto tons of books & documents, watch videos & listen to audio clips, play educational games and more. E-Pustakalaya has organized user interface. You can filter your selection from Media Type, Language, Education Level, Collections, and Keywords.

  • Media section, there’s Document, Audio, and Video we have following-
  • Language– English, Nepali, Newari, Sanskrit, Tharu, Hindi, Sherpa, Tamang, Dhimal, Magar, Thulung, Jirel, Limbu, Chinese, Gurung, Tibetan, Khaling, Thami, Darai, Maithali, Michif, Pali, Ukrainian, and Bhojpuri.
  • Education Level- Primary, Secondary & Middle
  • Collections– English Literature, English Children’s Literature, Nepali Literature, Monthly Newspapers & Magazines, Nepali Children’s Literature, Journals, Magazines, Newsletters & Pamphlets, Education-Related Materials, Teaching Support Material, Science, Agriculture & Biodiversity, Government Material, and 50 more.
  • Keywords- Fiction, Children’s Book, Government of Nepal, Pathyakram Bikas Kendra and Nepal Sarkar.

e-pustakalaya nepal download free books video audio

E-Pustakalya is available on Android as well. This feature will be great for parents to help their kids in learning. For those who love listening to audio clips can have blast time listening to Seto Bagh, Ramayan, and many popular English novels. As there are education-related games, learning will be fun for kids. The web version is available in English and Nepali language.

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