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Milk Street Online Cooking School is giving away its entire line of cooking classes for free

Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Online Cooking School classes free coronavirus

The longer you stay at your home, the more bore you get. This COVID-19 lockdown has shocked our day to day lifestyle. To reduce the boredom you must engage your mind -into something productive. If you are a keen learner then we have platforms like Udacity, Blinkist, Coursera, Packt, Scribd to learn new stuffs. These learning platforms are offering their premium services for free. If you are a content creator then there’s Subly for you. If you have fun then there’s Pornhub as it is giving its premium content without any subscription. For moms, it will be difficult to handle their children but now they can play free kid’s video and TV series on Amazon Prime Video. If you are into cooking then here’s good news for you- Milk Street Online School is offering online classes for free.

Milk Street Online School

milk street online cooking class free course curriculum

Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Online Cooking School is giving away its entire line of cooking classes for free. In this online class, you will get access to resources like Video Lessons, Step-by-step tutorials, Equipment & Ingredients tips, theory alongside recipes. You would not believe that famous tutorials like ‘The Art of Kitchen Improv’, ‘The Spice Kitchen’, ‘Advanced Techniques: Vegetables’, ‘Knife Skills’, ‘Vegetarian Milk Street’ and many more are absolutely available without any subscription.

Features of Milk Street Online School

milk street cooking online class features

  • Video Lessons
    Professional videos offer both recipe instruction as well as close-up techniques that work across thousands of recipes.
  • Step-By-Step Tutorials
    The annotated step by step tutorials not only details how to make the class recipes but also explains what to look out for, how to fix mistakes and how to take what you learn and apply it to other recipes.
  • Equipment & Ingredients Tips
    This feature takes primers on any special equipment and ingredients needed to complete the class recipes. Plus the substitutes are included – and explained why they work – for harder-to-find items.
  • Theory, Not Just Recipes
    Milk Street teaches you how to become a better cook, not just how to cook a few recipes. The Milk Street Theory of Cooking will help you become a better more confident cook almost overnight!

Enroll for Free

milk street free online cooking class enroll

If you already have an account then click here to log in. If not then click here to Sign In. Then you will be able to access the online classes.

You can access the entire classes for free till the end of April 2020. During this lockdown, you can prepare new recipes to your family members, learn new cooking techniques, tips regarding different ingredients, recipes and more. If you do not have enough ingredients then you can simply with down the recipe and when the lockdown gets over prepare those. When you enroll in the class you will be directed to the Course Curriculum. All the details of the course are presented under different sections.

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