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Megapixels war is back: a 192MP phone could be a reality as early as next month

192MP Camera Sensors Smartphone Leak

12-megapixel sensors are good as (or even better) 108-megapixel, take flagships for example; iPhone 11 Pro Max, S20 Plus or Pixels. The thing that would be making a difference than the larger megapixels is software optimization. But this doesn’t seem to be the case for the premium mid-range smartphones or Chinese OEMs when they are nothing but flaunting larger 48MP, 64MP, 108MP camera sensors. Well, this is going to get more ostentatious with the latest tip on the upcoming 192-megapixel smartphone.

For what we know, the Chinese leaker Digital Chat Station shared a report on Weibo stating a 192MP phone is already in works and is coming as early as next month. Other than this information, the tipster also suggests the phone will come in conjunction with Snapdragon 765G.


Given the fact, from Qualcomm’s last year announcement, the high-end SoCs do support these high sensors but the Snapdragon 765 comes with support for snapshots. For features like HDR or multi-frame processing, the SoC is not up to it. Moreover, the Snapdragon S765G means there won’t be any other flagship internals building up the smartphone.

This seems to be a significant jump from the current largest 108-megapixel sensor on Mi 10 and S20 Ultra. However, there is already some news regarding Samsung, with Xiaomi, in works for 150MP sensors for the next Xiaomi phone launching later this year; which will be picked up by Vivo and Oppo in 2021. This also hints, the Korean giant —Samsung— could possibly the one manufacturing this mammoth 192MP sensor as Sony and Omnivision are yet to surpass 100MP mark.

If the 192MP sensor uses nonapixel binning (9-in-1), it would produce 21MP photos, similar to already-in-works 150MP sensor. Otherwise, the 16-in-1 binning would produce regular 12MP photos.

Which company will sport the 192MP sensor?

Well, there are no words on that because, yeah, the revelations didn’t mention anything about which company would be the first to incorporate the sensor.

Digital Chat Station tips 192MP phone on weibo

And though, for now, it’s clear, Samsung and Xiaomi are the companies participating in megapixel wars, it did mention “it won’t the machine you expect.” So, if the reports are to be believed, it be could be the upcoming LG’s Snapdragon 700-series 5G phone. Or, if not, could be Motorola’s upcoming SD765G-powered phone.

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