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Lenovo is apparently working on Legion Gaming Phone teasing 90-Watt Fast Charging

lenovo z6 pro

The tech-world keeps evolving every day. More and more impressive gadgets are hitting the market. Not so long ago, we had a CES event where jaw-dropping innovation was seen. The advancement in the smartphone industry is a never-ending process. Talking about the smartphone industry one of the most important factors that everyone considers is charging. This thing is noticeable especially on high-end devices and gaming devices. In the present context, we have fast charging ranging from 15-watt to 65-watt. If 65-watt fast charging was not enough then here’s a piece of news, Lenovo is working on 90-watt fast charging.

Lenovo 90-watt Fast Charging

lenovo legion gaming 90-watt fast charging

Previously, Oppo Reno Ace was officially the world’s fast charging with 65-watt. There was speculation that Nubia is working on 80-watt fast charging on their next flagship. Later this was confirmed by Ni Fei, Nubia co-founder, and President. If you think 80-watt charging was insane, then hold your charger as Lenovo is working on 90-watt fast charging. The number is just insane. As per the news, Lenovo is working on its Legion Gaming Phone teasing 90-watt fast charging.

If Lenovo pulls this off, they will be the new gaming beast in the town. However, we are not sure about the battery capacity. As per the recent tease, it will charge a 4000mAh battery 100% within 15 minutes. The 90-watt charger will reduce the charging time drastically. It will be cool to see such fast charging as it will save everyone’s time. Stay with us as we will update you about the progress. If you are searching for a gaming phone in Nepal, please read Best Gaming Phones to buy in Nepal — Budget to High-end Smartphones.

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