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Smart Cell is giving massive 600% bonus on recharge


The lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic in Nepal is extended till April 8. This will definitely make a huge impact on everyone’s life. To make your self-isolation not a burden, learning and reading platforms like Scribd, Blinkist, Coursera, Packt, and Udacity are offering their services all for free. Talking about services and offer Ncell and NTC are offering a bonus on recharge offer. NTC is giving a 100% bonus on recharge while Ncell is offering a 120% bonus. Now another Telecom Service Provider, Smart Cell is here with a huge bonus offer. It is giving out a 600% bonus of recharge. Yep, you read that, a 600% bonus. The numbers look insane for itself.

Smart Cell 600% Bonus on Recharge Offer

smart cell telecom 600% bonus on recharge offer coronavirus

As the Telecom Service Providers are giving out bonus on recharge to the users, it’s great relief for everyone. During this lockdown, one can take full advantage of such a bonus. Smart Cell is offering its users a 600% bonus on recharge plus extra bonus in addition. The extra bonus includes data pack, voice pack and SMS pack.

Ncell and NTC are providing amount as a bonus but Smart Cell is giving bonuses worth 600% of the recharge. Simply to put this into perspective, if you do a recharge of Rs 100, you will receive 200 MB+ Extra 200MB, 10mins talk time, 10 SMS as a bonus that is more than 600%.

Here we have listed the bonus to the respective recharge amount as they vary with the increase in recharge amount.

Recharge Amount Main Balance Total Bonus Validity
Rs 100 Rs 98.04 200 MB+ Extra 200MB, 10mins talk time, 10 SMS 7 days
Rs 200 Rs 196.08 400 MB+ Extra 400MB, 20mins talk time, 20 SMS 15 days
Rs 500 Rs 490.20 1.5 GB+ Extra 1.5 GB, 100mins talk time, 100 SMS 30 days
Rs 1000 Rs 980.40 3 GB+ Extra 3 GB, 200mins talk time, 200 SMS 30 days

There’s a huge complaint from the users as this offer is the same as the previous. Moreover, most of the users are facing network issues. When we contacted Smart Cell regarding the 600% bonus as there was a lot of confusion. Now it is clear that “bonus worth 600% of the recharge is what Smart Cell is offering.”

Looking at the numbers, initially, Ncell gave only a 50% recharge bonus but they raised it up to 120% as NTC started offering a 100% bonus. Now, all we can do is wait and see what Ncell and NTC will do as Smart Cell is giving a 600% bonus (as they claim). We will update if there are any new offers.

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