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Xiaomi is all set to bring whooping 80W wireless charging

The advancement in the field of technology is a never-ending process. As we all are evolving continuously, it is corresponding with the technology as well. One of the most highlights in the smartphone market in recent years is fast- charging. The quick charge has uplifted the smartphone industry. More and more users are drawn towards this number. Some of the users may think that fast-charging is available for gaming smartphones but that’s not the case anymore. Many of the flagships nowadays have this technology. For instance, iQOO 3 5G with 55W fast charging, Realme X50 Pro with 65W, Realme X2 Pro with 50W, Xiaomi Mi Note 10 with 30W, and many more. If these numbers impressed you then wait there’s something more in the store. Recently Xiaomi has announced that they are working on 80W wireless charging.

Xiaomi 80-watt wireless charging

Quick Charge and wireless charging are the pioneers of the smartphone market. This technology has made a major impact on every individual. Xiaomi seems to have taken this matter into their hand. They already have the fastest wireless charging in their hand with the Mi 10 Ultra. Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra features X50-watt wireless charging. With such technology, it could d0 a 4,500mAh battery within 40 minutes.

Other smartphone companies are also working on something similar. Lenovo is working on 90W, Nubia is working on 80W, and Oppo is set on 65W. But these all are set to come in the future. As wireless charging is the next big thing, Xiaomi is digging its hands on this and setting up for the future with 80W wireless charging.

Xiaomi has recently demonstrated its 80W wireless charging on modified Mi 10 Pro. It can fuel up a phone having a 4000mAh battery fully within 19 minutes. So far Xiaomi officials have not disclosed on which device they will have this technology. All we can do is hope for the best. This will be a high-end flagship.

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