Xiaomi’s Mi Mix Alpha isn’t a folding phone rather is something more revolutionary

UPDATE: Xiaomi, as of yesterday (Sept 24th), officially unveiled the like-never-seen-before concept smartphone; Mi Mix Alpha.

Nowadays most of the companies like Huawei, Vivo, Oppo are making really good impressions on the smartphone market with mid-range flagships.  Xiaomi is trying to come up with a mid-range phone with premium features and premium design. Xiaomi named this device the new “Mi Mix Alpha”. A teaser image of MI Mix Alpha showed as a rounded device on social media which made everyone thought as if it was a folded display.

Xiaomi Mi Mix alpha

Lei Jun (Xiaomi founder) posted a photo with the caption “Not folding phone” which made everyone’s doubt clear. According to him, the Mi Mix Alpha will feature a very subversive and shocking design.

Xiaomi Mi Mix alpha

From official teasers and few aired wallpapers from Xiaomi, we can assume that Mi Mix Alpha will have a new curved screen design with a 100% screen to body ratio which will be a revolution in the smartphone industry. But that’s not all, teasers have appeared that suggest something even more innovative will be coming with this Mi Mix Alpha. One of the teasers shows off the device’s 5G capabilities and the other is that this Mi Mix Alpha won’t be featuring a pop-out camera, notch or teardrop but rather a completely new solution for the front camera.  

Xiaomi Mi Mix alpha

It is rumored that Xiaomi has already managed to make a fully functional under-display camera system in their research center. Who knows that Xiaomi may integrate this revolutionary technology in this Mi Mix Alpha device.  Personally, we’re extremely eager to finally see the Mi Mix Alpha launch on 24th of September where they will announce all the specifications and device’s secret. This flagship might be the most interesting launch event of the year.

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