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LG teased the first-ever Rollable Phone at CES 2021

lg rollable phone ces 2021

The CES 2021 has finally kicked off. As expected the COVID-19 pandemic has forced this event to be online. But one is for sure that the pandemic didn’t stop the innovation from evolving further. Within smartphones, we have come across a long way. Now we have a bigger screen, bigger batteries, a faster chipset, an advance mobile camera and many more. Taking a step ahead foldable phones, and dual-screen smartphones came along the way. Now LG, one of the underrated dogs in the game is here with a rollable phone having a resizable display. Yep, you read the right, resizable display.

LG Rollable Phone

LG is one of those companies that are not afraid to approach unusual form patterns. They tend to roll the dice and see the result with no exception. If you remember back in 2020 LG launched a smartphone with a wild rotating design, LG Wing. That device was built with a top-notch mechanism. Now at the CES 2021, LG has teased a futuristic device with an expandable display. Looking at the teaser it looks like an animation. But that thing is for real. The display literally expands and contracts based on users’ needs. How cool is that! When the device is fully expanded it looks like a tablet but with a far slimmer body. The company has not revealed any details. But as per the company, the resizable screen is on the company’s Explorer Project.

Regarding the rollable smartphone, an LG spokesperson stated, “Our management wanted to show that it is a real product, as there were many rumors around the rollable phone. As it is released at CES 2021, I can tell that it will be launched this year.”

Why bet on a resizable screen?

“The bigger, the better” that’s the motto in recent years majority of the smartphone companies have been following. After all the experiments with smartphone-like removal of the headphone jack, wireless charging, more number of camera lenses with a huge bump, bezel-less design, and many more we step into a foldable phone. Although the foldable smartphone at one time was a big thing it didn’t match up to users’ expectations. The crease in the middle, fragile display, and pretty expensive didn’t make a good impression. What the future holds for a foldable device is still unsure. So the next thing for companies was resizable display. Larger the screen, the better the user experience.

The resizable display caught the people’s attention from the smart TVs. The majority of the users had a keen interest to see such technology in a smartphone- as there will be no crease on the screen, easily resizable, and fits right into the pocket like a regular smartphone.

As LG has confirmed to roll this rollable phone this year, it will be exciting to see what other competitors will bring to the table. Shortly the question we all have in our mind regarding the smoothness and reliability of this technology will be answered. There’s always a tug of war among the smartphone companies to establish themselves as the best leading innovative company. The science fiction-ish rollable screen technology from different companies will bombard the market. There’s no denying that.

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