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Here’s how you can get a detailed report about your laptop’s battery in Windows 10

how to get a detailed report about laptop’s battery in Windows 10

No matter how much we talk about Windows 10, it looks as if we have just scratched the depth of features of this OS. No doubt that Windows 10 is packed with so many built-in features that have completely eliminated the need for third-party software. Microsoft has put all its efforts to create such a version of operating system that shines in every aspect. Previously we had covered the features like Game Mode, Screen Recorder, Blue Light Filter, Clipboard-History, Universal App, and now it’s time to discuss the battery. It is important for the user to know about the battery usage in a device, its charge cycle, capacity and many more. Luckily Windows 10 has a built-in hidden battery report that has all the details of the battery.

Windows 10 Hidden Battery Report Tool

Among all the other useful features of Windows 10, the hidden battery report tool is one of the most helpful built-tool. Using this tool users can view the estimated battery life, capacity of the battery over time, charge cycle and many more. Although there is an option for battery optimization this report will give you better knowledge about your device’s battery.

How to create a detailed battery report in Windows 10?

Follow the given instructions to create a detailed battery report in Windows 10:

powercfg /batteryreport /output "C:\battery-report.html"

  • When you hit enter, “Battery life report saved to file path C:\battery_report.html” message will be displayed on the command prompt.
  • Exit the command prompt (type exit and hit enter). Open the ‘C drive and open ‘battery-report.html’.
  • Your battery detail report will be open in the web browser. In the report, you will see details like Installed Batteries, Recent Usage, Battery Drain Percentage, Life estimates, and much other information.

Detailed Battery Report on Windows 10

Here’s a brief description of the details of the battery report.

Installed Batteries

windows 10 hidden battery detail
Windows 10 Hidden Battery Detail

This section gives a general breakdown of the battery installed on the device- name, manufacturer, chemistry, design capacity, and full charge capacity.  

Recent Usage

windows 10 recent battery usages
Recent Battery Usages

Recent Usage displays the details of time, state (active & suspended), remaining capacity and power source of the battery. In other words, this (Recent Usage) has records like when the device was put to sleep mode or was active or AC charging power alongside mWh capacity.

Usage History-Battery Capacity History 

windows 10 battery usage
Windows 10 Battery Usage

Both Usage History and the Battery Capacity History are useful for checking the health status of the battery. Here’s the Battery usage graph with the details.

Battery Life Estimates

battery life-estimates
Battery Life-Estimates

Battery Life Estimates is the most eyed section on the report. Here we can see the prediction made by the operating system on the ‘Battery’s Life’ with regular usage.

windows 10 battery life estimates by operating system
Prediction by Windows 10

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